Xbox live not updating payment option

18-Mar-2018 13:58

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The stupid part is that you don't need a credit card on your account to buy/claim Xbox One content.

I don't have a One yet, but I've been able to grab all the Games with Gold titles for it on

Yeah I know, I have used paypal before but for some reason when the microsoft account payment options redirect me to it I get prompted for credit card details, weird.

Over here we actually use debit cards for pretty much everything but it's not listed as a payment option.

In other words, the microsoft store will only let you use paypal if you use it in conjunction with a credit card, so that's useless for my purposes. Probably my country's banks simply aren't supported.

Also, the 360 games store doesn't accept gift card money, for whatever reason.

Whelp, guess I just can't get the 360 Gw G titles then, thanks for your help anyway.

Yeah I know you can't buy 360 games them through the one.

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What is not at all clear to me is where/how I am supposed to claim these.

You used to be able to use the 360 marketplace without a credit card on your account, but that changed the last time they did a major overhaul, which was around spring/summer 2013.

I contacted Xbox Support about it and was basically told that it was intentional. I suppose it makes sense that they'd use that data to prevent people from getting the same free stuff over and over again but they've failed to consider that there are many places in the world where the 3 supported major card companies or indeed credit cards in general are uncommon - even in highly developed first world countries where the usage of Microsoft products is widespread.

As long as you have a card with the proper information, debit or credit, you shouldn't have a problem if it's one of the supported card companies (Master Card for example)Well, it's not one of the supported companies.

It's a Maestro card, which is a service owned by Master Card. It's a Maestro card, which is a service owned by Master Card.But as mentioned above, you can also use a debit card instead of a credit card, if that's an option for you.