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At that point, there will be a limited nuclear exchange in the Middle East, followed by a ceasefire. In Britain, for example, our source said that he knew, he absolutely knew personally for a fact, that a very large number of private security people, their powers were being increased to give them the ability to arrest people, the ability to detain, the ability to handle riots in streets.

And here we’re talking about just regular people working in private security, people who give the parking tickets on the streets. And last year we heard President Obama talking about how he wanted to have a sort of National Guard at home in America, ready to handle this kind of thing.

But actually, this was something rather unusual – and he realized it was unusual as soon as he arrived. And as he listened to this story being discussed... It wasn’t like a big table with note pads and water glasses and minutes and an agenda and a chairman.

In fact, in his interview with us, the one which we have the transcript of [The Anglo-Saxon Mission: Witness Audio Interview], you will see that he says that he felt it was an accident that he was there. They were about 25 or 30 people there, including senior politicians who most people in the UK would recognize by name. There were just people in a room who were talking about all of this stuff.

And what I also want to do is I want to try and differentiate out between what it was that he reported because he’d heard it with his own ears and what it is that is his speculation, and my speculation about how all this fits together. We need to know this stuff, even though it doesn’t look like it’s going to be on track – I DON'T THINK THIS WILL HAPPEN.

I think that there are a bunch of crazy people there who are extremely determined to do something, and they were in a hurry – and this is important to understand – they were in a rush to try and roll out this sequence of events. There have been a number of indications that there are forces which are trying to push this into happening.

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This is a bit of an unusual video presentation here, because I’m taking the step of making a video as an interpretation and as a commentary on an audio interview which we did with an important witness who came and reported his story to Project Camelot a little while ago... As with many of our witnesses, this person wanted to remain anonymous, but he has agreed that we transcribe the audio.They were planning that and referring to it in their meeting in June 2005. He was quite shocked, the more that he heard, and when he really realized what was happening he was extremely shocked.

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