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Eventually I cam across the writings of Ayn Rand, and began to realize the error of my ways, I have since begun to integrate the Neo-Tech advantages into my life. Tim, eircom.net, 9/21/02 The Bible, philosophy , and human history all integrated and plausibly and rationally explained at last .... Never before have I read anything that came close to describing the struggle I have been facing.

There is so much to read I could stay on the net for hours and hours. F., aol.com, 1/29/97 , uswest.net,8/27/00 I would also like to say a hearty 'thank-you' to Frank Wallace, his sons, and all else who drive NTP. Wallace is just a man with many brilliant ideas (not 'God' or some other guru), but I do believe in giving credit where it's due. Thank you for making me feel good once again about life and its purpose.

D., aol.com, 2/23/98 very useful info good luck in expansion T. T., mi.us, 4/30/97 I find it very fascinating and refreshing. I must think on all this exiting reality, and then begin the integration's you mention! "This is a very interesting web site." Anna A., aol.com, 5/28/97 A. Thank you so much for providing this valuable information. S., aol.com, 7/17/99 Neo-Tech is he only hope for the world. COM I did find it disturbing however how anyone could call a life dedicated to complete honesty and hard work satanical.

O., yahoo I read some of the negative postings and had to laugh. It has made me look at my own life in a different perspective. You have taken the very best of Ayn Rand and Objectivism and moved forward into the future. The literature has continually helped me evolve into the person I want to be. B., lrun.com, 6/4/98 Surprised and pleased to discover Neo-Tech -- an incredible surfing find. A brief glimpse into history will tell you that this is exactly the kind of negative comments that the pilgrims received in the old country.

"This (Neo-Tech) is without a doubt, a most fascinating work. W., netcom.com, 3/7/99 I believe this site is a real necessity in order to keep everybody informed.


Cindy R., calweb.com, 8/16/98 This site is incredible. I believe I am living In what the Neo-Cheaters would like to think was my own Heaven on E arth. M., livingston.net, 4/27/97 This web site is fascinating. m.d., shawcable.net, 8/8/01, canada Everyone should read this. I am putting together my own privately run business and feel extremely optimistic for the first time in a very long time. I used to love punk rock, and now punk seems like collectivism! I am still in the process of integrating and applying to my life all the new concepts your company has contributed to the people who long to be free of oppression." L. N., co.uk, Australia Neo-Tech has given me hope and understanding in this crazy world that we live. I've taken years of college classes in both business and psychology. Yet, while all of them where interesting, not one class, not one speech ever gave me the answers I was looking for.

Well it is just that, and I challenge anyone to knock me off of my mountain. I hope it stays up so more people can come in out of the darkness. L., skyinet.net, 10/24/02, Phillippines I applied the principle of downstream focus which falls under GODS MAN's topic and I found that this is really effective in the realization of my dreams, specifically wealth. Too bad most are too weak and small minded to accept any of it. Without the information contained in Neo-Tech I would probably still be living in silent torture wondering what ever happened to the ambition and drive I once had. The day the world wakes up and dismisses Politicians and Religion in favor of the Civilization of the Universe will truly be the greatest day in the history of mankind. S., rr.com, 8/21/01 The Book did what you promised. I have also read everything Ayn Rand has ever written because of neo-tech. I now have my first 'real job' in a Fortune 500 company and I owe it all to Aristotle, Aquinas, Rand and neo-tech! S., elkvalley.net, 4/26/98, Canada Neo-Tech is the future, the only way to live free and to reach ones full potential in life. M., webtv.net, 1/21/02 I ran into this site while doing a search for 'Ayn Rand' in Spanish Yahoo search engine. What I did know was that at 27 years of age, I was extremely depressed because I was not financially where I wanted to be in life, I was in an emotionally draining relationship and I was just completely unhappy.

Update Star Free and Update Star Premium come with the same installer.I was so lost, alone, and completely miserable, so I picked up Neo-Tech and started reading it for ME.Starting from the beginning and reading clear through to page 50, I realized things about myself that at certain points it felt like someone was squeezing my heart so hard that I couldn't breathe.That was something that I wasn't sure if mentally, I was strong enough to admit that to myself let alone anybody else.

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So, I continued to read for this guy because it was what HE wanted and I thought it would make HIM like me more. F., net.au, Ausralia I have always questioned my life and purpose, now looking for answers has finally paid off. This web-site is vital to humanity reaching its maximum potential, free of mysticism.

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, it was a workplace sitcom about a community of weirdos whose eccentricities improbably made them (a) good at their jobs and (b) believable as a group of professional friends. First, there's the insistence on having major characters date each other. That's partially because the coupling characters were played by actors with genuine chemistry.… continue reading »

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Hippy Dippy hair yesterday for the most beautiful wedding of Tania & Rod. Totally gorgeous, inspiring couple and their wonderful loving families #taniaandrod #boho #hippy #dippy #aboutlastnight #wedding A photo posted by Lisa (@lisa_snowdon) on In a picture uploaded to the social network earlier this week, the former Capital FM presenter can be seen looking very cosy with a bespectacled George.… continue reading »

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