Wow addon list not updating

04-Aug-2017 09:32

Scrolling combat text reports a bunch of errors, every icon is solid green in arkinventory, and most backgrounds are the default blizzard textures. As of right now I am 95% fully content with Realui. With the core of the UI not on Curse I am to be checking the webpage every week or so.

At this point when are we to expect the next Real UI patch or update to come out?

I just read the comments on arkinventory's addon page.

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nib Real UI_Boss Skins - A skin for DBM and Big Wigs timer bars.I'm usually really good with software issues, but i am at a total loss. I have same issue and have done this a couple times. Under users, my name, my documents, elder scrolls online, live, addons, i see three folders (binding, img, lib) all but img have folders/files in them. For example in Wo W, the addons folder was in C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft\Interface\Add Ons or C:\Users\Public\Games\World of Warcraft...The My Documents/Documents path is not unorthodox for games to save files."Installed Versions File" determines where to store the file that keeps track of the current versions of your addons, and I don't recommend changing that.

The "Close Automatically When Completed" property determines whether the window automatically closes when the process completes (both successfully and unsuccessfully).

They work on my friends account, but won't show up on mine! This is the pathway everyone seems to have, but it never works right?

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