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When it opened, the Detroit Free Press trumpeted it as “the beginning of a new era in the building of Detroit Beautiful” and said “probably no building project in the history of Detroit has been so noteworthy.” While Detroit had several skyscrapers at the time, the Ford not only soared over them all (in 1908, the Free Press called it the city’s “first real skyscraper”), it also revitalized Griswold Street –- which many thought had become rundown, antiquated and dead -– and kept the city’s business center from moving elsewhere in the city.“There had been a resignation to the feeling that to other streets would go the business and professional men. Below Congress the street was not very lively at any time and early in the evening it was almost as quiet as a deserted village,” the Free Press wrote.

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Pieces such as decorative arches and the like were saved to be used in other buildings.

Among them was the Hoban Block, a well-known, simple structure once used by the federal government (it even had a cement vault where important papers were held).

The three-story Hoban also was where the Wayne County Savings Bank got its start in September 1871, and it was home to the Congress Lunch Room, which relocated to the Campau Building and became better known as Brennan’s Restaurant. and “a score of men bearing pickaxes, crowbars and shovels” went to work on “the Hoban block and other ancient structures,” the Detroit Tribune wrote on July 15, 1906. the wrecker and his crew have been busy every minute of the 10 long hours which compose each working day.” It took about 10 days of “tearing, prying and pulling from morning until night” to clear the site.

It also had a vacuum cleaning system “so that flying dust in the office suites will be an unknown quality,” the Free Press said.

By May 28, 1907, more than half of the Ford’s steel skeleton was erected.Burnham, his first being the Majestic Building of 1896.