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Philipp Kaiser, former director of Germany’s Ludwig Museum and former MOCA curator, was enlisted as guest curator for the inaugural exhibition.He’s done a credible job of giving some shape, however loose, to a finally unruly selection.Making a rigid material unexpectedly malleable, she evokes an ancient history of fluid sculptural drapery dating at least to the swirling, 2nd century B. chiton worn by the “Winged Victory of Samothrace.”Ruby, Kelley, Guyton, Wool, Murakami, Grotjahn and Glenn Ligon are shown in some depth, with five or more examples each. The earliest work — a collection anomaly since it dates from 1989 — is a large selection of unique photographs from Kelley’s wonderfully cheeky “Reconstructed History” series.Kelley defaced schoolroom textbook pictures on American history in lewd and scatological ways, like an immature junior high brat.He’s been very generous in that role, ranking among MOCA’s top financial donors. Like similar projects in California, Florida, Texas, Connecticut, Maryland and elsewhere, the Marciano Art Foundation isn’t exactly a museum.

Now, rather than give their art to a museum, many collectors are opening their own.

The works were chosen from more than 1,500 paintings, sculptures, drawings, photographs, videos, prints and installations by more than 200 international artists.

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