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He escaped after one day, but was recaptured and placed in Boys Town.Four days after his arrival there, he escaped with another boy.After 10 months, he fled from there to his mother, who rejected him.

For the federal crime of taking a stolen car across a state line, in violation of the Dyer Act, Manson was sent to Washington, D. Despite four years of schooling and an IQ of 109 (later tested at age 21), In October 1951, on a psychiatrist's recommendation, Manson was transferred to Natural Bridge Honor Camp, a minimum security institution.

Manson was transferred to the Federal Reformatory, Petersburg, Virginia, where he was considered "dangerous." After temporarily honoring a parole condition that he live with his aunt and uncle in West Virginia, Manson moved in with his mother in that same state.

In January 1955, he married a hospital waitress named Rosalie Jean Willis, with whom, by his own account, he found genuine, if short-lived, marital happiness.

Manson believed in what he called "Helter Skelter", a term he took from the Beatles' song of the same name.

Manson believed Helter Skelter to be an impending apocalyptic race war, which he described in his own version of the lyrics to the Beatles' song.

is an American convicted mass murderer and former cult leader who led what became known as the Manson Family, a quasi-commune that arose in California in the late 1960s.