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04-Dec-2017 18:48

provide a safe environment for housemates to reveal their biggest fears or concerns, and indicate which couples are on the same page about major isssues.

Last week we saw Joe Francis criticize girlfriend Abbey Wilson for not coming to his defense, and in a sneak peek at Wednesday’s episode, Chingy has a post-session pow wow with Temple after she decides to speak freely about the child he had with another woman.

Louis, Missouri rapper Chingy was accused of having relations with Sidney Starr, a transgender model. Cause it was so much bad publicity around it…I’ve never been through a sabotage situation like that. The promoter had some girl dancers on stage that were dressed in body paint. They were promoting whatever he wanted them to promote. That latest response prompted Starr to hop on Instagram and offer her two cents on the matter.“Lil lady that will never be a fortay of mine and you should be ashamed of yourself for feeding into it,” wrote Chingy to the fan on his page.The fan was disappointed by the news, believing fully what was said.And during an interview with Vlad TV, Chingy revealed that rumors of his relationship with Sidney Starr injured his music career and resulted in the loss of his record deal due to the negative publicity. They just had this person’s lie…It actually, it injured my career a little bit. And it was so fabricated and false.” Prior to speaking on the backlash, which resulted from Sidney Starr’s rumors, Chingy recalled meeting the model/backup dancer at a show with Ludacris in Chicago. And one who I thought was a young lady that came up to me that wanted a picture—I just took the picture.

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He went on to criticize those who fell for a rumor that he says was created without not one piece of evidence and also spoke on those who wanted the rumor to be true. “I would have [said], ‘Hold up, I ain’t [about to] do this shit, no you do it and I’m just going to not say nothing and deny it.’ I was definitely not in the right mindset at that time in my life.