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10-Oct-2017 23:51

Did these Nigerian men seek for information about you through a third party before making up their minds?Why can't you subject yourself to the same standard of observing his behaviour.I was using my experience with you as an example but I didn't have to mention your screen name. I should have not mentioned who you were, please forgive me.

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If I wanted to send a gift to his mother, what would be an acceptable gift?

Off course they do, it’s just that men have fallible expectation of women and women have infallible expectation of men.

Nigeria has about 70 million men and they are always bulked together whenever it comes to a relationship.

They were said to have defrauded residents to the tune of m.

Ogundana, also known as Oladipupo Ogund, was arrested on December 13, 2016 and charged with two counts of fraud over ,000, 10 counts of fraud under ,000, possession of property obtained by crime over ,000 and possession of proceeds of crime.Police said they also seized 37 fraudulently obtained credit cards and a series of notebooks containing the handwritten identity of approximately 5,000 GTA residents.