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24-Sep-2017 09:13

Once you install the app on your i Pad, you need to install its sister application on your computer so the app can communicate with your computer.

Then, once they are connected on the same Wi-Fi network, the webcam will stream directly to your i Pad.

While it's not possible to directly connect a webcam to an i Pad, the i Pad does include two high-definition cameras which can be used as webcams.

In addition to these, you can also connect a webcam that's installed on your computer to your i Pad using a Wi-Fi connection and one of many available apps.

Both cameras include face detection software and tap controls for exposure and focus settings.

The i Pad comes with Apple Face Time, which gives you the ability to video chat using the built-in cameras just as you would use a webcam on your computer.

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If the person you want to chat with doesn't have Face Time, there are other apps available from the App Store, including Skype, Friend Caller and Vtok.

Secondly, even if you could attach a webcam to the i Pad's Lightning connector, webcams don't come with software drivers for the i OS operating system -- nor would there be a way to install them if such drivers did exist.

Thirdly, the i Pad doesn't support Flash, the software used by just about every website in the world to transmit webcam images to other people. The i Sight camera, on the back of the i Pad, can take 5 megapixel photos and 1080 pixel high definition video.

Yahoo, AIM, windows live or whatever they call it, etc.

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