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12-May-2018 16:56

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I did not know at the time that I had a diaper fetish.

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For some reason I have allways had a diaper fetish. I'm very dedicated to wearing and enjoyng my diapers to the fullest. I dont wear diapers often but every now and then I will get an urge to put one on.

While it doesn't make me think less of him, it was quite a shock!

We've "played" a lot lately and I've noticed that he is so much calmer and sweet since we've started.

and replace them with my diaper drawer and even bought me 3 months worth of diapers and a diaper bag to take with me.

Tired of fighting and guessing if I will be leak free or not. And I bought 4 onesies today feeling good I have had my diaper fetish since highschool, all thanks to my husband.My husband and I started going out when we were 15 and then one day I came over his house when we were about 17 and found him in a diaper. I'll take naps when you want me to, sit down and... I think only once in the year have took off my diaper and wore panties in public cause of what I had to wear and I didn't want the person I was going to be around to know I was wearing a diaper , and that close to a year ago . ease, I do have some slight to heavy incontinence because I have been wearing for over a year almost everyday.

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