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Although users have no obligation to update the tool, doing so is strongly recommended for the validations to be accurate, and TEA will only support the latest version of the tool.The Validation Tool itself is not required for campuses, LEAs, and ESCs, although it is strongly recommended to save users time and effort and to minimize system traffic.The Validation Tool can be loaded onto individual users' computers and or onto a server as desired.It does not need to be saved in the same place as the LEA's TSDS Staging Area.The tool is posted for download under the UTILITIES tab in the TSDS Portal.It is available to all authorized TSDS users with a TEAL login and password and Download Validation Tool permissions.(NOTE that you do not have to use the Conversion feature in order to use the tool for validation--any TEDS-compliant XML file can be validated via the tool.) It performs the validations for ALL of the XSD files using validations from Texas Education Data Standards (TEDS) Section 3 and SOME of the TEDS Section 5 (primary key check) validations.

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If all the files convert correctly, you are offered the option of validating the files.When you have selected all the files and checked the sheet selection, you can process the files.