Updating rails to 2 2

29-Jun-2017 10:24

This file creates initializers that are meant to help ease the Rails 5 onboarding process by disabling some of the breaking changes with Rails 5, allowing people to ease into them one-by-one. But if you’ve already dealt with these issues, this file will revert that behavior. After you’ve fixed the deprecation issues, you should be done. If your app still has issues, the best place to start would be to review the official Guide to Updating from Rails 4.2 to Rails 5.0.This guide is geared toward a traditional Rails upgrade, not a Rails API to Rails 5 upgrade, but there are some additional details about things that have changed that may apply to your app.One key thing that this may highlight is that your app may be using parts of the Rails framework that you don’t need.

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People who have a rails-api app will want to update to Rails 5 in order to stay up-to-date.This will show you a diff between your version of the file and what a brand new version of the file would look like if it was generated.