Updating gnome

14-Jan-2018 20:47

This is an idea that has a long pedigree within other projects, and Free BSD is very consciously modelling its implementation on what has worked elsewhere.

When a significantly disruptive or wide-scale change is proposed, we should have a formal mechanism for documenting the change and what it implies.

This quarter saw almost 7,400 commits from 171 committers.

More PRs got closed this quarter than last quarter, but also more PRs got sent in, both of which are good to see.

Core is delighted to announce that Gordon Tetlow has joined the Security Officer team, and will be working on managing the Security Team caseload, freeing up other members to concentrate on the more technical aspects of vulnerability remediation.

updating gnome-66

2minutedating com

updating gnome-59

electric updating nema 10 30r

The Free BSD11.1-RELEASE cycle started on May 19, and continued as scheduled.Much of the development work done this quarter was not particularly visible, especially the effort needed to ensure the upcoming 11.1 release has as few regressions as possible.