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01-Oct-2017 22:13

In recent years, a growing number of analysts and policymakers have referred to the doctrines guiding al-Qa`ida and its associates as an ideology, and they appear to have influenced the Bush administration into adopting the term as well.In an address at the Capital Hilton in Washington, D. in September 2006, for example, President Bush characterized the 9/11 suicide hijackers as men who “kill in the name of a clear and focused ideology” [1].

Several scholars have argued that Muslims and Western converts adopting Salafi-jihadist tenets suffer from a crisis of identity [8].Martyrdom is extolled as the ultimate way in which jihad can be waged—hence the proliferation of suicide attacks among Salafi-jihadist groups [9].Similar to other ideologies, the Salafi-jihad sharply distinguishes between its adherents and those who reject its doctrines.To those who are disoriented by modernity, the Salafi-jihad provides a new sense of self-definition and belonging in the form of membership to a supranational entity.

Salafi-jihadists attempt to instill into Muslims the notion that the only identity that truly matters is that of membership in the , the global Islamic community that bestows comfort, dignity, security and honor upon the downtrodden Muslims.

This article will discuss the nature of ideologies and examine the extent to which the Salafi-jihad can be compared to other ideologies such as fascism or communism.