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Perhaps even more have viewed it if anyone posted it on the internet. Todd Luzod told the , "The girl involved committed a crime by sending it to her friends.And it's really important to educate the students to realize once you put something like that out over the air like that, you have no idea how many cell phones or computers it could go to.'' Police confiscated about a dozen phones, which will not be returned to their owners."I feel like schools are so obsessed with the grade and not what kids are actually learning," Luis said."People feel so much pressure to cheat these days," Jeremy added.The boy who'd originally received the picture, Rachel remembers, forwarded the image to another girl who circulated it all over town."The whole high school either had the picture or saw it," she says.

And here's another case in Florida sent by a reader in which two teens – a 16-year-old girl and her 17-year-old boyfriend – photographed themselves while having sex and were charged with producing, directing or promoting child porn.

Think about going to school in a world where everything is public, so finding out who is doing drugs, who is having sex and who is the target of bullies is just a matter of logging on to your favorite social network.

In TODAY’s special series, "Inside the Teenage Mind," which kicked off on Tuesday, correspondent Jenna Bush Hager sat down with 10 teens, ranging in age from 13 to 17, to find out how they navigate peer pressure, drugs, alcohol and sex. “Teens face issues that are a lot different from 20 or 30 years ago and our lives are a lot different from our parents,” Luis said. Some of them noted there’s no escape from the mean comments, with hurtful messages arriving on their phones whether they were at school or at home.

The girl took the photo during the summer and shared it with a few friends this fall, who then shared it with a few more friends who shared it with a few more friends.

Authorities estimate at least two hundred students in her county and beyond have received the image by now.Authorities haven't decided yet whether to charge the phone owners with possession of child porn, but those who also distributed the image to others could face separate charges for distributing illegal material.

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