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23-Aug-2017 01:14

We then informed our children that they needed to graduate from this academy before their first date.You can imagine the funny looks we received at this announcement!We often read together and discussed Church standards on how to develop relationships.We found that it was a good idea to mix up the settings for our various discussions.We also discovered that it was incredibly helpful to provide as many opportunities as possible for our children to observe real-life relationships.For example, we would take them to a variety of social events and ask them to observe other couples.

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Often they didn’t know how to treat each other properly. I desperately wanted them to experience the joys and fulfillment of a happy marriage and family life. Kimball (1895–1985) that “clearly, right marriage begins with right dating” seemed to occupy my thoughts during this time. ” After a few moments my wife said, “Maybe they know better.” We began talking in earnest about whether the process of developing good relationships was inherent in people or learned.In all of this we felt that we needed to start early—long before our children began dating—and we wanted our experience to be filled with learning and teaching that were natural and hopefully fun.

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