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According to the DVLA, on application your V5c must show a date of first registration 40 years prior to the 1st January in the qualifying year.So for example applying in April 2015, your V5c must show a registration date prior to 1/1/75.There seems to be a lot of misinformation doing the rounds on the internet, social media and web forum.So we thought we'd write a definitive article on road tax or Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) exemption.In effect the build date cut-off is extended by one week so our table above becomes But what if your car was registered after 8th January?

In the table I have carefully avoided referencing registration suffixes because the legislation is based on date of manufacture not on the date of first registration.

Cars could also have been finished but not shipped out because of industrial action.

If the car was first registered within the first week of a new year (1st – 7th January inclusive) then a car qualifies automatically by concession as the car was very likely made in the previous year.

One of very few advisers providing advice to expatriates holding the coveted ‘Chartered’ title, Hammond is non-commission based and operates exclusively on a fee-only...

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Chartered Financial Planner Russell Hammond, APFS MSCI, expands on some key points about QROPS and how QROPS can be best managed to work for you.

Discover what the NIE and Spanish NIF numbers are, how you get them, and what you'll need them for with this guide to Spanish tax numbers.

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