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13-Mar-2018 03:00

We probably all feel like that with whatever gifts God has given us.Maybe that's a good thing because it keeps us working harder and keeps us humble." She continues, "I remember the first record I ever did.Children are innocent and the separation is difficult enough without all the rest of this going on.     I do agree that both ex's should seek counseling for the sake of the children.The first time I encountered Tammy Trent was in the infamous lobby of the Renaissance Hotel during Gospel Music Week in 2000.The Christian pop industry is full of glamorous looking people, even the label publicists could be models but there was something about this blonde couple that made me watch them for a few moments and then enquire of my friend, "Who are they? There was a vibe about them certainly and it wasn't the usual star spotting Christian celebrity thing, it just seemed that they seemed so perfectly together. "No", Tammy agrees, "and I was smart enough to discover that early on. It's early morning and Tammy is in her office, a completely bare office as today is the day that she finally has some new furniture delivered.

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If that doesn't work out, then I would suggest a good counselor. However, you can hardly expect her to sit by while he is "Bible punching" untruths to his children and trying to turn them away from her.

That's really when I was introduced to Christian music, probably about the age of nine. I think upstairs I still have a CCM magazine from the early '80s! One of the first jobs that I ever had was working at a Christian music store.

From there I would buy whoever was on the shelf, whether it was Rich Mullins, Michael W Smith, Kathy Troccoli, Russ Taff, The that stuff. I used to open up all those albums and read all the credits so I knew all the musicians.

This is going to take time and if the man you are going to marry is a good guy, and you have custody of your children or even visitation rights, then time will heal. Your ex has every right to believe in his faith, but he doesn't have the right to use that faith to get back at you through the children.     Good luck   God Bless   Marcy       Answer     It's interesting the answer above doesn't address how and why you are divorced. I know it would be nice to not have to deal with the consequences of that decision, but guess what, this is all part of the "fun" of divorce.

It focuses on one side of the issue and assumes everything you have done is of the highest character. Recognizing that your are at least partially responsible for this situation is a good starting point.After college Tammy got her Christian music break as a backup singer for South African-born CCM star Pam Thum.

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