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01-Aug-2017 15:13

Indeed, the entire film is built on the relationship and the relationship has to rest on a sense of magnetic attraction between the two (particularly as they never seem to have fulfilling conversations or agree on nearly anything). The problems with Fifty Shades Darker, however, do not stop there.

The dialogue is not particularly good either, with a number of serious lines sounding laughable or causing heads to shake.

Their rules may have changed this time out, but Christian cannot stop being the controlling the guy he is, and Anastasia gets angry at this and then acquiesces. She doesn't want to be in his red room, and then does.

And, while people do change their minds regularly, Anastasia never seems to do so for any particular reason… While it would be wrong to impugn her changing her mind for that reason, it really isn't enough to build a movie, or long-term relationship, around.

Anastasia's bending over backwards to please Christian is far more frustrating than endearing, and his forcing her to acquiesce to what he wants for her is more than a little horrid.

The last movie in the trilogy is due out in a year's time so perhaps it will cause all that has preceded it to make more sense.

Fans of Fifty Shades of Grey will undoubtedly be pleased with the continuation of this tale of one woman doing her best to fix the man with whom she is, perplexingly, in love.

It is easy to lose track of the number of times Anastasia says something to Christian and he responds with a vague answer akin to "trust me and do what I tell you." This often doesn't seem to be the sort of response for which she is looking and grows tiresome to those in the audience. An attempt is made to ignite the flames of romance via the soundtrack but it is a poor substitute.

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