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02-Sep-2017 11:39

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After I went to a professional corsetier for a fitting she turned me on to the world of girdles.

She still had on her long leg corselette and said she didn't want to remove it!

I played with them and really enjoyed how they made me feel.

My step mother at first thought it was cute, but then, as I continued to be interested in her underwear, disapproved of my cross-dressing...

It had been in a box which described it as a Gradu-el All-in-One with all the body shaping you need knitted...

I've being wearng (open bottom) girdles for many years now - love the look and feel of them against my body and stockings on my legs. On a couple of occasions recently, I have worn a girdle bra while driving. The next day Aunty Mary worked in the shop whilst I did all the housework and made the meals.I found my gramma girdle in the bathroom and try it on love the way it felt on me. When I was 16 and driveing I started buying my own. And all of my girdles are steel boned and very firm as well. A few days later Mary said that she had an early morning call from Lady Margaret to say that her maid would be away for 2 days and could I stand in.