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Nasir Khusraw in the early 11th century described some of them rising up to 14 stories, with roof gardens on the top floor complete with ox-drawn water wheels for irrigating them.

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The building of tall buildings in the 1880s gave the skyscraper its first architectural movement the Chicago School, which developed what has been called the Commercial Style.

Due to the restricted land area available for development, the houses increased in height instead.

Buildings of 11 stories were common, and there are records of buildings as high as 14 stories.

However, being uninhabited, none of these structures actually comply with the modern definition of a skyscraper.

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High-rise apartments flourished in classical antiquity. Ancient Roman insulae in imperial cities reached 10 and more stories.Some point to Philadelphia's 10-story Jayne Building (1849–50) as a proto-skyscraper, or to New York's seven-floor Equitable Life Building (New York City), built in 1870, for its innovative use of a kind of skeletal frame, but such designation depends largely on what factors are chosen.