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Each aspect of Claud Butler's business was closely overseen by the proprietor in person.Frames were produced to a high standard, with originality and a distinct flair as well as offering good value for money.The phasing-out of war-time rationing, as well as increased affluence throughout the population, brought aspirations towards consumerism and motorized transport.This was at odds with the simple pleasures of club cycling.Claud Butler was certainly the premier - and most prolific - marque amongst British lightweight cycles in the heyday of British club cycling in the middle of the last century.The sad fate that has befallen the Claud Butler name, ever since 1957, has put an undeserved tarnish on what really should be celebrated as a shining example of quality, flair, self- promotion and business acumen.

Claud Butler was a showman-entrepreneur who had grasped every available opportunity to promote and develop a successful business.

The glory days of Claud Butler, as with many other lightweight marques, were the mid-to-late thirties and the immediate post-war period.