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27-Jan-2018 20:40

In the Bible men were usually older when they got married. No one person is perfect in their relationships with god or other people. A Women of Faith bible might help you as well to understand our roles in biblical times.The only way a person can be pushed away from faith is if they allow it.God works in everyone's life but you have to allow him to work.The English version has headings at the top of every chapter that might help you in your debate and it is very easy to read.This means they should both have a life outside of the relationship.All that means is both men and women should be in a relationship that NOT co dependant.If your faith is important to you maybe you could try to find a Bible that you can understand.

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Our society today has made many different types of relationships okay but the Bible is very detailed and explains how relationships work with in any family but to love those who are different.

People in Intimate Networks and other Polyamorous relationships sometimes refer to the depth of their relationships as "Primary," "Secondary," and "Tertiary" to describe the varying levels of commitment involved.