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I don't like, though I will read it for I would like to know the religious and/or spiritual spin Boteach will give to the whole matter. I haven't come to grips with Michael being gone. The previews of the movie look amazing, like everything Michael does! To lull you into trusting him and then stab you in the back with his evil insinuations that Michael Jackson cannot even defend himself against because he is dead. 🙂 I also read in yesterday about it that they will release the single CD and then on the 26th october, release the international album for sale . ) It's your grace, I know today it's how I made it (Thank You, Jesus) When I thought that it was over (Lord, have mercy) [Chorus] Everybody that's been holdin' you down, look at 'em and tell 'em This is it! this is interesting all together see: SHE THINKS THE "IHMJ" STANDS FOR "I HATE MICHAEL JACKSON" STU- THAT MAKES ME UPSET- Can you not tell by my posts what a dedicated fan I am? I am crying at the "introduction" of the song 8080. Beatles items...a percentage goes to Michael's estate. **TESS** I'm sorry, I'm just jumping in regarding your question regarding why there have not been any arrests. and Most of all Michael as a Person a Human Being.... Claims and allegations that you and I both know are completely false and utterly ridiculous. For someone to have to go this far to have to die .. IN FACT I WAS THINKING WE COULD ALL GET TOGETHER AND ASK SOME TV CHANNEL TO PLAY THE MAKING OF THRILLER ON HALLOWEEN. my cineplex website has nothing and the guest services told me they have no information. so far..only 20 minutes in, but i think it is good that Michael recorded his conversations to put into a book. Mary FM Under the title "This is it," there are various discussions & if you scroll through (they're not in any order) there could be a link. @Laura - Really, he really couldn't trust anyone... Proves once again what I said all along – Michael needed good psychiatric therapy – not because of mental illnes – he needed it to heal the mental scarring he had. Maybe Rabbi needs a dictionary – Michael liked and trusted Princess Diana – maybe he was just wary of many of the women he was surrounded by – either shallow or women with plenty of issues of their own (LMP for instance). saw the tapes interview i almost cried when Rabbi said no one could feel or heal not even his fans what Mike was going through soo heart breaking but i somewhat agree that Rabbi should have kept those tapes to himself even if sometime ago Mike want it to release those tapes its just looks like every1 is cashing in now coz Mike is no longer here ...sad...... but it can also be because sometimes on a blog we type to fast! But the absolute worst thing is that he KNEW MJ was experience a disease called Major Depression which has very high mortality rate and he did not take the responsibility for making sure MJ went to see a psychiatrist.

At only 14, he had a hit single, Causing the crowd to begin to mingle. Michael became the king of pop, And his fans kept cheering, never would they stop. Anyhow, I don't think this is Barry Gibb because as Barry's son Michael is MJ's godson, he would have attended the funeral too..............LONDON (Reuters) – A new Michael Jackson single called "This Is It" will hit the airwaves on October 12, two weeks before it is available as part of a two-disc album released by the late pop star's record label. He invented the moonwalk and danced it on stage, And then all his fans went out in a rage. Let's help Michael change the world, And save the love children like he did. I especially like how compassionate Rabbi Shmuley is (not) – his friend has been arrested and accused of a heinous crime and all he can do is criticize him for going on meds.....the man you want around when you're down... Allure, yes, I'm still in here...the blog is really loaded now and it takes sooo long for the computer to refresh.Sony Music's Columbia/Epic Label Group said it would release the "This Is It" album internationally on October 26 and in North America on October 27, to coincide with the simultaneous global release of the Jackson movie of the same name on October 28. From tour to tour the more he shined, Michael was generous; so very kind, He supported more charities, Than any other star. He inspired fans to help change the world, Something he cared for and wanted to do. Then in heaven he can look down, And say he's proud what we did. God wanted to learn the moonwalk, and Michael went to teach him. But when it thunders be aware, Michael and Jesus are dancing up there! Is LKL going to give us another blog or two soon ???The media ruined his reputation and the music industry blackballed him. Brigida, Ofcourse, the lion's share is supposed to go to the estate if I'm not wrong, and SONY gets away with something as well. We are really living in such a sick world...can someone of his stature at the least do such a thing !!!??? omg Barbara lolz sounds gr8 to me, didn't TI said the same thing when asked why chose LKL blogs said that coz of the fans and the other blogs are just fill with criticism etc.... On state performing for a live audience, he was always a perfect 10. This is it tickets on sale this Sunday Sept 27th Apprently from what I read last week (I believe here on CNN or TMZ blurb) it will be known in the next 2-3 weeks whether or not Dr. This is It single coming out Mid October This is it album coming out end of October This is it Movie coming out October 28th There's going to be a whole lotta Michael news and promos coming up, I just hope its all positive! Did anyone else see in the This is It movie trailer the running flip Michael did?? I just looked up that Gretchen Cassandra-Sims person. WE Have and Are & will continue to Protect Micheal.... You have shown me that your greed, lies, and personal gain override any “morals” your family claims to have; and you have proven yourselves to be the kind of people capable of turning your back on the very person who came to your rescue when you were most desperate. I try to dissuade them but I tell you it is like trying to reason with my dogs, they can hear the words but they have no comprehension of their meaning @*** J Cummings The investigation is under seal right now. Conrad Murray already admitted that he administered propofol to Michael outside a hosptial setting (This is NOT illegal in California- can you believe it? What there focus is on is the numerous benzos he was prescriped in addition to the multiple opiate (pain killers) medication as well; please note that ALL of the autopsy and toxicology reports have not been disclosed; JUST Michael's cause of death. There was a link to an article recently about Dr David Adams- saying via his lawyer, that he had used Propofol for Mj but only for dental work ! PRESIDENT, DON' T GET SUCKED INTO A BLACK HOLE IN AFGHANISTAN. He seems mostly normal to me and even more so when you see the unbearable hurt he endured from a neglected and abusive childhood.

All the celebrities whose careers he helped turned against him when he became the victim of a witch hunt and a lynch mob. Really I wonder if at all there is any truth and decency left anymore in our lives. im soo excited for the TII FANS OF M J FROM PAKISTAN!!! I saw clips of "This Is It" concert rehearsal of Michael Jackson and he still had the dance moves, the singing, and the enthusiasm to perform before a live audience! Conrad Murray didn't kill him, Michael Jackson would still be alive and had turned out an over the top super successful London concert this year! ** MJ ** is some fool who I assume is attempting (but failing miserably) to convince us that it is "really him" sending us "secret messages" for a documentary that wasn't actually suppose to be. It's too bad he almost shares the same screen name as me- Don't confuse MJ with Mourning MJ- See, unlike the " fake MJ * I'm very real, and would not fool or manipulate the world to his grieving and heart sickened fans. At first I was told that she is communicating with MJ in the spirit world. perhaps this is the song "Declaration (This Is It)" [Introduction] Check it out, ya'll (There've been times in my life) I'm tired and I wanna give up (I've been wondering why) Why is the world gettin' so crazy? He makes us Laugh, Smiles, We cried when we heard that day he Died,,, We are angry at the Media what they did to him…. The fact that you falsely accused Michael of the most heinous of acts, and made his life a living hell in what would become his last years is unthinkable; and I am sure some would say, unforgivable. The LAPD is going to submit their findings to the DA in two weeks; medical professionals wil then draw their conclusions and measure the "level" of MJ's addiction and who had a hand at supplying him with endless supplies of prescription drugs. Regarding the disguised MJ at his on funeral – NO, definitely no. SEND NO MORE TROOPS– CUT THE NUMBER BY AT LEAST ONE. So much of his actions were directly influenced by that.I don't feel comfortable buying things that he will no longer enjoy. Even if Michael is alive his Legacy will continue to live on... we brought the non- believer to look at Michael in a good way... 25 in a Dateline exclusive, reported by Meredith Vieira. The Rabbi said what he saw in his conversations with Michael was "undescribable pain" ... JUSTICE FOR MICHAEL Today marks three months since Michael's passing and as much as I know that its hard to accept but please guys,like I've always said the ' TRUE' fans would know better and believe enough in Michael to know that he would never 'fake' his death,sadly it seems not all of us have share the same mindset when it comes to this but as far as I am concerned, I choose to focus on what's important and that is to celebrate & honor the legacy of the Greatest entertainer that ever lived, Michael Jackson! When she spoke to him at an event and asked if he was going to an after all excited and went home and did spins in his room. I think he said she was bad or evil and that he could feel she was jealous of him. MJ's deep love and concern for the welfare of others is really quite gob-smacking when one considers his vantage point of the world.