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31-Oct-2017 00:45

most people who live in the civilized world know that tipping is an accepted part of the hospitality experience. submitted by that indian man for Bovine Sex Club Nightclub on June 17, 2012 Went there a couple of times and this is the only establishment I've ever been kicked out of for no real reason.

I guess a lot of native guys started shit there before I started goin there, only thing I think can be the reason.

That’s right, fetish-curious Chicago-area residents, it’s OK to come alone.

Now, that might sound like a dangerous hot bed of sexual anarchy.

Read More Few things are more fickle than fashion, but the Nightclub scene is one of those things.

Even so the fact that the moody Bovine Sex Nightclub has been 'in' since it opened in early 91 isn't too hard to figure. The result of local artists collaborations, or it could be the music, a mix of cutting edge rock, retro 80's, punk, glam, metal, 70's funk and British pop. W in the megacity, Toronto and open 7 days a week for your drinking pleasure.

And all cellphones, smart watches and sneaky electronic devices that can be used to capture images of the action are strictly prohibited.

In short, what happens at the sex club above the hand car wash stays there.

The tiki hut-style bar is fully stocked, with picnic bench seating available to the throngs thirsty patrons.

I musta looked like I'm a native and most likely trouble to them cause of my long hair, high cheek bones and big nose.