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Examples of classes may include international financial management, international marketing communicating across cultures, globalization, or international political economy.

With a focus on the rise of social media and the surrounding culture, this theme pulls together writing, communications, journalism, ethics and politics to create a holistic academic experience.

Rounding out the top five is China, an emerging favorite both amongst students seeking a non-Western experience, as well as those studying topics related to business, economics, finance, or growing markets. This independent study abroad company is based in the United Kingdom and provides numerous complimentary services such as excursions, airport transfers, a UK cell phone, support officer, and host family profile. This great resource provides an overview of the UK educational system and variances between the American system.

It also provides helpful details on cost of living, accommodation, medical treatment, and student life. Anyone who has done research on studying in the UK has probably come across the infamous Tier 4 Student Visa.

This guide helps students navigate the wide spectrum of study abroad options available, ranging from volunteer opportunities to language immersion programs to apprenticeships, and everything in-between.

It also provides helpful resources for more information on academics, housing, safety, and financial aid to help interested students begin planning their future abroad.

Class examples include communication across cultures, global politics and the media, global networking, and media, war and peace.

Students aspiring to work in a direct care medical setting benefit from these global experiences focused on public health, clinical study, and practicum experience.

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The United Kingdom topped the list, as it offers a culture similar to America but with enough variations to be exciting and new.

Selecting a destination for a study abroad program can be a little overwhelming, particularly for those who have never been overseas.

With so many different locations, US students may want to consider the most popular options among college students.

With offerings ranging from two weeks to year long adventures, this is a great place to start your search.

Wondering how to find a study abroad program that you’ll talk about and share memories of for years to come?

Specialized areas include medical programs, business topics, and volunteer opportunities. Andrea Bouchaud, an American who studied in France for a year and subsequently wrote a book about her experiences, writes this blog.