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11-Jul-2017 12:52

All of these, along with any other signs/symptoms (nausea, cramping, etc.) can give you some hints as to what your body is doing. As a quick refresher, you are looking for your cervix to be high, soft, and open at ovulation, and for your cervical mucus to be either clear and watery (kind of slimy) or like raw egg whites and copious.

You may also have headaches, feel tired, or feel a bit nauseous, and you may notice cramping.

You could simply wait a few months longer to see if your cycle normalizes (chances are, it will, in time).

You could try to reduce breastfeeding sessions to see if that helps you start ovulating again.

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You’ve probably heard that exclusive breastfeeding is pretty good birth control, right?

Well, for some women, ANY breastfeeding is birth control and can make getting pregnant difficult.

I wouldn’t recommend that women who are EXCLUSIVELY nursing a baby, or nursing a baby much under a year get pregnant again.

But for many women, their babies are still nursing at or past 1 year of age and they are ready for another.* While breastfeeding, the hormone in control is prolactin, which produces milk.

If these don’t help, acupuncture may be able to help.