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"You look good daddy." She joked, watching as a smile lit up his face (almost erasing all the traces of weariness on his face.) "Kaitlyn is that you?"He gave her a quick smile before lifting up the curtain to lead her inside.Anyway my promt is for a very fluffy, cute and funny (and rather cheesy) fic called We Keep This Love In A Photograph where Tessa and Scott are going through photos of their whole career before Sochi (I know, I know. I like to live in the past sometimes)Cute video of them to the song: https:// They'd been married three years and she still couldn't help herself.)"Where's Andrew?""He's valeting the car." She bounced in her seat nervously, the energy practically bubbling out of her.Promt #2A songfic to green eyes by Coldplay because of Tessa's green/greenish eyes in which Scott just loves her green that's it for now.bye angelfaces because of her brilliant idea for a summer fic fest.

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” Kaitlyn announced to the room, awkwardly shuffling in.

v=swu C-vsdkbo I highly recomend watching it and that's it basically it for now.

Bye angelfaces Okay this is totally random but has anyone realized that Jim Virtue (Tessa's Dad) looks lie Mr.

"And here I thought we'd be free from more competition."Scott chuckled. "This my little niece is an elephant." Andrew handed her the plushy grey animal, which she put on the side table.

"Just you wait Poje she'll be winning medals in no time.""Alright boys let's not already choose her path. It has a nice ring to it."Kaitlyn ignored him, continuing to marvel at the baby. She's so freaking cute I don't want to let her go." The newborn shifted slightly causing Kaitlyn to reposition her. "Your mom and I used to talk about how we were ballerinas and elephants or something like that.""Oh Kait--""I hate to break this up but I think someone is getting kind of impatient for dinner."Scott had begun to bounce on the balls of his feet, trying to stop the weak cries from getting louder."We should get going. Tessa and Scott are back for the 2016-2017 season!!

An awkward silence settled between the two before another knock broke it.