Satans attacks on dating christians

27-Aug-2017 10:05

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Last, marriage is (6) one flesh, covenantal relationship that creates a “corporate personality” through the sexual union of two unified spouses.6 As the creation account closed, the portrait of marriage is that it was and is a good institution blessed by God.

Adam and Eve are poised to carry out the divine mandate to reproduce and extend the kingdom of God so that it will eventually fill the earth.

A BIBLICAL SURVEY OF SATAN’S WAR ON MARRIAGE The consequences of sin on marriage have been seen in every generation since the fall. In time, heterosexuality was abandoned for homosexuality (–).

The one flesh, permanent nature of marriage was ripped apart with divorce (Deut 24:1–4), and the natural boundaries were erased with perverted, unnatural sexual liaisons (Exod ).

Since space prevents us from considering every deviation from marriage in the Bible, this section will focus on biblical examples of marriage that have clearly been influenced by Satan’s lies and stand in opposition to God’s glory. Genesis 6:1-4 is a difficult passage that has generated numerous interpretations.8 The identity of the “daughters of man” is fairly straight-forward as a description of human females who were “at- tractive” (v. The crux of the exegetical quandary is the identity of the “sons of God” who intermarry with the “the daughters of man” and produced “Nephilim” (“giants,” v. These “sons of God” have been identified as apostates from the godly line of Seth who intermarried with the depraved line of Cain, polygamous despotic rulers from Cain’s genealogy, demon possessed men from Cain’s line, or evil angelic beings who intermarried with human women.

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Christian marriages are to produce godly offspring who will spread the gospel of Christ and God’s glorious presence throughout the earth.4 The creation account gives evidence of the ontological equality of men and women as both were created in the The first chapters of Genesis also reveal God’s normative expectations for marriage: (1) Marriage is a heterosexual, (2) monogamous, (3) sexual, (4) and patricentric relationship.

He is the head of a vast, powerful, organized, and malicious army arrayed against Christ and the human race.

Christ’s redemptive work on the cross and his resurrection decisively defeated Satan and his domain (Eph –20; Col ) yet those united with Christ are still engaged in spiritual warfare. He hates marriages because such opposition hinders the witness of Christ to the world.

SATAN’S WAR ON THE FIRST MARRIAGE The trinitarian design to create humanity “in his own image” (Gen ) as male and female revealed a significant purpose of marriage.

The meaning of the “image of God” () has been variously explained in terms of intellectual ability, moral decision-making, the ability to make willful choices, moral purity, or ruling as God’s representative vice-regents.

Tragically, this ideal was overturned before the first child was ever born.

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