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Also I was able to check out his entourage, which included this guy named Randy, who is a really nice guy.

So as an actor, I was able to see that Reggie is a combination of Maverick Carter and Randy.

Q: Did you talk to Le Bron James about his life to help you prep for the show?

A: The first season, we didn't meet Le Bron until the show premiered.

It is the show's smaller moments, though, that actually make larger points about money and family and the power dynamic therein.

The breadwinner is Cam Calloway (played by Jessie Usher as a star athlete both astute and petulant), who lives with his outspoken mother (Tichina Arnold), his formidably ridiculous sister (Erica Ash, who gives her character a vulnerable undercurrent) and his knucklehead uncle (Mike Epps).

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The character is never so real as when you see a pained incredulousness wash across his face when forced to placate tantrums from not only his family but the team ownership as well.

So the fear is that it bleeds over into your personal relationship, which one of the subtle tensions in the show.

A: When it's not family, you normally don't see your manager or your agent once the doors are closed.

I pitched for next season (as part of the preparation) for Jessie to hang with Le Bron for a day and for me to hang with Maverick, just to shadow them to watch how they interact with people.

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Q: This is a TV show about a black family; the show creator, Mike O'Malley (best known as an actor on "Yes, Dear" and "Glee") is white.

This year, he co-stars in Episode 9, and we flew up to Cleveland and it was probably one of the most amazing experiences.

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