Rita ora and rob kardashian dating

29-Mar-2018 08:12

Rob goes shirtless—for the first time since he was with Rita Ora—for a cookout.

Then he and Blac travel down to Montego Bay where Rob throws stacks on his twerking girlfriend.

While Blac Chyna and Rob fuck their way back to the Hidden Hills, rumors brew about beef elsewhere in the Kardashian household—between Kanye West, his booty, and Amber Rose, Chyna’s BFF.

The couple couldn’t be phased though, and instead Snapchatting a grocery run to Whole Foods and new ads for Rob’s sock collection. A whopping three weeks after the initial photo was posted, Rob gifts Blac Chyna a ,000 diamond-encrusted piece of art that also has the lyrics to John Lennon’s “The Beginning” written all over it.

Kanye even rapped about it on “Highlights,” with the line “Blac Chyna fuckin' Rob, help him with the weight.” According to this sex calculator, having sex for 80 minutes (dudes, step it up) can burn 300 calories. Anyways, as rumors started to fly, Rob stepped his meme game up and confirmed—and trolled his sisters, his momager, and everyone else—his relationship with Blac Chyna.

Blac and Rob hit the gym together, and he moves out of Khloe’s apartment and into Blac Chyna’s, where we got our first real sighting of Rob in months.

So, four days after the Instagram post heard ‘round the world, Blac Chyna jetted off to London—where she teased paps about her new love—while Kris Jenner, in all of her Mr.

Krab meme glory, rushed her ass over to Blac Chyna’s house to talk to Rob.

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The former exiled Kardashian member left the spotlight years ago after gaining weight after a few rough breakups and, you know, being part of the Kardashian family.

So maybe we should've seen this next thing coming?