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DNA has even been extracted from a well-preserved skeleton of the extinct human creature known as Neanderthal, a member of the genus Homo and often considered either as a subspecies of Homo sapiens or as a separate species.

Application of the molecular clock, which makes use of known rates of genetic mutation, suggests that Neanderthal's lineage diverged from that of modern Homo sapiens less than half a million years ago, which is entirely compatible with evidence from the fossil record.

Therefore, if the fossils were themselves laid down during a catastrophic flood, there are, it seems, only two choices: Much limestone is made of the skeletons of zillions of microscopic sea animals. Were all those animals alive when the Flood started?

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from age and intense volcanic pressure OR that dinosaurs and plants really only existed on another planet and God moved all of the dinosaur bones, coal, oil, petrified wood, footprints and fossilized dinosaur poop here just to trick everybody but the clever Mormon gospel doctrine teachers?

66:6 ), but the building of the tower brought the Lord's decision to confuse the tongues so the people could "not understand one another's speech" ( Gen.

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