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20-Dec-2017 12:09

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Some singles dislike dating widely the way God’s Church promotes. They want to date only those they are pretty sure they want to marry.

They consider it a waste of time to date someone they have no intention of marrying.

Those individuals who float in and out of one relationship after another learn to keep those protective barriers up even while in a relationship!

They simply don’t draw close to anyone—in order to protect themselves from the pain that comes from separation!

But in truth, God’s way of dating in some wonderful and valuable ways.

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The important thing is how we follow Jesus." Multiculturalism is a fairly recent development.You might feel that keeping yourself pure and unspotted is getting you nowhere (verse 13).You can focus on all that you have to give up for God.We will talk about how to have a godly courtship—that period between dating exclusively and exchanging vows at the altar. A godly courtship lays the foundation for a godly marriage.

The beautiful thing is, all the lessons you learn through the process of dating widely still apply in more serious dating.God wants to preserve our innocence, our trust, in our relationships with one another.