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Sadly enough, this kind of weight bias also seems to extend to people who are obese (i.e., thin people with a history of obesity).One 2003 study into ratings of attractiveness showed that thin targets who are described as formerly obese tend to be rated as less attractive than targets for whom no weight history was provided.

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As well, people who rely on diet pills or surgery for weight loss are often seen as having less discipline and being more prone to resuming their formerly unhealthy lifestyles. due to the perception that weight loss is only temporary." I keep reading article after article asserting, via research, that weight loss is normally temporary.Not only do most of these studies focus on females, but there has been relatively little attention paid to the kind of bias attached to other forms of weight loss, i.e., use of diet pills.But a new study published in the journal presents the results of a comprehensive study examining weight bias towards the formerly obese and how it related to romantic choices. Carels of East Carolina University and a team of fellow researchers recruited a large sample of undergraduate students (318 men, 379 women) to take part in a survey using the online questionnaire platform, Qualtrics.Women, on the other hand, tended to be fairly negative in terms of how they rated men who lost weight using diet pills, even more so that for men who had bariatric surgery.

Overall, however, both men and women were less likely to accept diet pills or bariatric surgery as a "legitimate" way of losing weight and often viewed people who lost weight through diet and exercise more positively in terms of personality and value as a potential mate.Formerly obese females who have lost weight through bariatric surgery are also less likely to be hired by employers than females who lost weight through diet and exercise.