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Their legs are short, but they have long, muscular arms to help them climb.They use their hands and feet to climb, grasping and swaying their way between trees.Care of young orangutans is given exclusively by the mother. Gestation is about 9 months and the infant nurses for 4-5 years.As the infant grows, it becomes less and less dependent on its mother, but because of its heavy investment in each infant, female Sumatran orangutans may go 7-9 years between offspring.Male orangutans hold large territories that may overlap the territories of several females.Flanged males use their throat sacs to make long calls, a distinctive vocalization that can carry for almost a mile, which announce territory and attract females.Orangutans can also walk on two feet, but locomotion on the ground is usually quadrupedal (on four feet).They build a nest of branches and leaves in a tree each evening and also sometimes during the day.

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Campbell launched into a verbal attack on the officer — who showed remarkable restraint during the ordeal — after he asked the woman and her friend to just walk away. Meanwhile, the recent graduate of Temple University is now facing additional charges for allegedly assaulting the cop seen in the cringe-worthy clip.

idiots in this f–king town.” Campbell also can be seen attempting to spit in the face of a club employee, prompting the cop to arrest her on charges of resisting arrest, criminal mischief and disorderly conduct.

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Unflanged males have neither cheek pads nor throat sacs, although they are sexually mature and able to father offspring.