Outlook imap folders not updating Former directsex

28-Sep-2017 23:34

In other versions of Outlook, you may see things called Personal Folders or Outlook Today.You may also see additional top-level entries for other email accounts or PST files that you have opened manually.The result is that on the left, any PST files found are displayed.Hover the mouse over (or tap-and-hold) on a result for more details: And of course, those details include the file’s location.

To find out about that PST, right-click on the top level item and then select Properties: That will give you the Properties dialog for that specific PST file: Now click the Advanced…I’m using Outlook 2013, but the technique is similar for older versions.The easiest and quickest way that I know of is to open the “tree view” of your folders, if you haven’t already.If that device were to fail or be lost, then the photograph would be lost forever as well.

Computers are excellent at making copies of digital data, and backups are one important use of that functionality.The default view is often something similar to this: Underneath the File menu is a rightward pointing arrow ().