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26-Jan-2018 22:30

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This implementation is different to OWA, which posts directly to the group mailbox.

Note that the ribbon shows that I am “subscribed” to the current group, which means that I receive email for every new conversation added to the group.

To save resources, the shared document library is not provisioned until the first time that a member attempts to use the “Files” functionality for the group.

All of the resources available to a group are accessed via the single group identity.

Messages sent to the group are held in the Inbox of the shared mailbox and organized as threaded conversations, similar in some respects to the way that email clients organize messages in user mailboxes into conversations.

Because Word is powering the editor, you can format text in the same way as you can when composing messages, but the available space seems cramped at times if you have a lot to say.In that situation, I simply fire up Word, compose whatever I need to contribute, and then cut and paste the content.

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