Ninth grade dating guide

07-Jul-2017 02:19

Failing to notice an incorrect SSN and DOR on the report means the NCO did not thoroughly review the report as his signature indicates.Nevertheless, there are procedures in place to correct the discrepancy but the NCO must submit an administrative appeal.

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However, the rated NCO states that since the rater never counseled him on the APFT failure, he can not render a 'needs improvement' rating. While there may sometimes be contributing factors and mitigating circumstances, the absence of counseling is most definitely not one of them.The NCO now states that the report was illegal because the rater did not have 90 rated days to render the report. 90 rated days is the minimum standard for a rater to render a change-of-rater report (except in a designated short-tour area).Computing from May to July is three months so the report was submitted and processed. From 6 May through 30 July, both dates inclusive, it is only 86 days.Therefore the 90 day minimum was not met and the report should not have been rendered.

The time should have been reflected as non-rated time on the NCO's next NCO-ER with a non-rated code of 'Q'.

Since the NCO-ER is already on file at EREC, an appeal must be submitted in order to have it removed.

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