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19-Oct-2017 11:09

Maps come in four basic types: world maps, cities, dungeons, and interiors.

There are preset samples in each category — which helps enormously in getting off the ground — but you can also start from scratch.

Our other issue with RPG Maker Fes is that, in order to make it to the midway point of creating a decently-sized RPG, you’ll need a solid handle on the editor’s systems and quirks, and that’s not something that it seems especially interested in making sure you have.

Options like an area fill, move tool, and copy/paste streamline the cartographic creation process a bit, and you can jump in and test play the area at any time to get a feel for how it will work on the ground.The possibilities are pretty endless, and really start to expand when you add in the ability to make conditional event triggers with ‘pages’.These let you set up more than one outcome (‘page’) for a given event, and then specify what conditions lead to each page being put into motion.They can get complex, but at a basic level they’re very easy to get to grips with.

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When we wanted to link up our world map to the first town in our game, for instance, we created a ‘Move Location’ event, specified that we wanted the party to change location to the first town when this event became active, and then placed its trigger over the town icon on the world map.

Once we’d made a few maps, we tried our hand at stringing them together, which involved our first foray into the world of RPG Maker’s ‘Events’ system.

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