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30-May-2018 02:29

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Is she a professional, an entrepreneur, or an amateur?

Different users may look for different things; regardless, make sure your potential moderator lives up to your expectations.

This way, the only people who see your chat participation are those who follow both you and the moderator.

While this reduces the chance of your responses being seen—good for not seeming spammy, bad for visibility with potential contacts—a good moderator will often retweet replies to ensure every voice is being heard. Personally, I feel that it’s better to respect your own followers than to make sure your voice is being heard at maximum volume.

Just be careful not to participate so much that you dilute your brand.

They’ve changed how I approach my day job, taught me how to improve the community I live in, given me insight into the opposite sex, and simplified my journey toward living a fulfilling life.