Mature room

08-Aug-2017 07:35

Butter yellow curtains are a pretty complement to whimsical gray floral wallpaper in this designer space.Bamboo Roman shades set behind the curtains add visual depth to the design, while a blanket and throw pillows add layers of pattern and color.A large potted Fiddle Leaf Fig tree adds organic warmth and interest to the cozy bedside seating area.By choosing fabrics and furnishings in luxurious styles and textures, designer Judith Balis crafted an ultra-glam room that's both timeless and on trend.Here are a number of fabulous decorating ideas to help you make your guest bedroom comfortable, warm, and inviting.No matter the color and accents you prefer, from black-and-white, laid-back retreat, or updated with family heirlooms, your décor can create spaces where guests can unwind.A net of interlocking ribbons attached to blank walls is a great way to display your favorite photos, postcards or other paper memorabilia.Plus, the art can be switched out at any time to suit changing moods, styles or tastes.

To pull off this look, add interest with metallic accessories and a mix of fabric textures.

Add interest with a variety of bold, trendy patterns and cozy textures like cotton, faux fur, knits, etc.

A cozy, pillow-lined window seat is the perfect spot for a teen girl to write, read or imagine.

A bright aqua bed frame pops against the lighter shade of the accent wall for a lovely color effect in this girl's bedroom.

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A coral dresser is a great feminine touch while a mix of pillows adds an array of colors for a bright and fun finish.

See more of this bold, eclectic teen room Sharing a room as a teenager can be tough, but it doesn't have to be ugly!

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