Matthew roloff dating

27-Oct-2017 07:59

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TLC cameras were not rolling, but Daily was there to see the awkward family event where the family matriarch was snubbed, while the rest of the Roloffs celebrated with Matt's new girlfriend.

Farm manager Caryn Chandler, 49, gathered sons Jeremy and Zach, Zach's wife Tori Roloff along with their five-month old son Jackson (the first Roloff grandson who also has dwarfism) to surprise Matt with a cake and party hats as he arrived at the farm.

Little People Big World will begin its 13th season in early 2018, but this Daily 'sneak peek' into the lives of the Roloff family reveals that even without cameras rolling there is a shift in power and plenty of tension between the exes.

The divorced couple are still business partners in the farm and live there just yards away from each other.

In an exclusive look at the upcoming season, which premieres May 10, things get tense for Matt and Amy Roloff as they continue with divorce proceedings.

“It’s always sad to know that someone really doesn’t want you in their life anymore,” says Amy, 51.

An eyewitness tells the Daily, 'Caryn even made sure some of the farm hands were there as well, and gave out party hats to some of the crowd who had gathered behind the main gift shop.

'The odd thing was that Amy Roloff was on the other side of the barn doing meet and greets with the general public and wasn't asked by Caryn to participate.

— says that during a dinner date with Chris, she asked him about how he felt being with a little person.It definitely felt like she was being usurped at her own farm by Matt's new girlfriend.