Mandating organ donation

20-Jun-2017 12:01

I want to make a point here that no matter what you look like, where you come from, how you worship, who you love, how you identify, and yeah, how you run, that if you have good public policy ideas, if you are well qualified for office, bring those ideas to the table, because this is your America, too. That happens alot...a young person rushed to ER cant be saved..try and locate relatives to release very much needed organs for other young people and they go over the allowable time limit and the idea has to be scrapped It's each person's body and they have a right to dispose of it as they wish.

Explaining and easing anxieties over donating, could yield greater participation. I as person with a loss have only to gain from that..lose anything more. It would take some strain off of our healthcare system if we had ready access to life-saving organs/tissue/whatever. The problem with body harvesting is that it enables the black market.Only 13 out of every million Canadians becomes an organ donor, compared with 20 per million in the U.S., and more than 31 per million in Spain, which has a presumed consent system.The Canadian Liver Foundation is one group that wants to see a presumed consent system, arguing that unless such a model is adopted, there will be no improvements in the number of people who die waiting for a liver transplant.

While many Canadians say they're in favour of organ donation, many fail to ever formally record their wishes.How many people have to suffer and wait for organs that they may not ever receive? We can't allow people to sell body parts because folks have been before, still are in a reduced capacity under a ban, and would be again killed so that their parts could be sold. Most people would have no issue with being an organ donor, but far less are actually registered to be an organ donor.

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