Mad money podcast not updating

08-Oct-2017 16:38

Recently, I've started listening to more podcasts on my i Phone.

I've found a few that I like and want to listen to past episodes. I can't seem to figure out a way to queue up all unplayed episodes for download in i Tunes.

I was also a pretty successful freelance programmer when I was a teenager. I was just blowing it all on junk – or what I call junk, fancy cars and computers that were out of date in two years and surround sound systems and just ridiculous stuff that I realized just doesn’t make me happy.

I taught myself PHP and Perl, doing back end web development for these web developers. It was a very organic process, getting to the point where I realized just having a bunch of stuff just isn’t enough.

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Lacking Ambition is actually a little bit of a misnomer because he has done some pretty incredible things in a very short amount of time in his life. I didn’t think students around me were – it seemed like everyone was worried about grad school and their marks and the passion for the actual subjects that we were studying just seemed to fizzle out. I bought an acre for 0 and I put up a big tent on it.So, I wasn’t bare out there surviving off of rattlesnakes and all that stuff.But I was doing a lot of hiking and a lot of reading and just a lot of reflecting a lot.By living in one of the houses and renting out the other two, he now has enough rental income to completely cover his living expenses.

During the interview, Mike discusses how he was able to buy three properties, each for under ,000, in a region that is typically considered to be an expensive market (New England). I’d say if I had to pick a time when it really started – I mean, I knew in high school that I didn’t want to do the 40-year career typical trajectory that most people take because just everything about it didn’t appeal to me at all.It’s not that it isn’t enough, but it doesn’t really contribute to an overall level of happiness.