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But the penalty in China makes me wonder if the tours have indeed been chatting, and if we witnessed the dawn of a slow-play policy with actual teeth. Shipnuck: I'm all for crackdowns, but don't start with a buzzy new event in which guys are playing in foursomes in an unorthodox format. Overall, the rule is a move in the right direction—golf was heading toward "Dancing With the Stars" territory. Wouldn't it be swell if folks just learned the rules and followed them? Marksbury: I like that the new decision protects players who clearly break a rule on video but could reasonably not have been aware of it at the time. If he wanted to play in this Open so much he should've gotten off his couch and tried harder to become exempt. It's an honor to get one, and the USGA decided, in its wisdom, that this was not an honor that Steve Stricker needed to receive. Marksbury: I didn't even know special exemptions were a thing until recently. Topics ranged from equipment-buying habits, the state of the game, rules and more. Ritter: A whopping 10% of respondents said they've had sex on a golf course, and in response, I'm doing everything I can to avoid making a rub-of-the-green joke.This is most useful in a situation like Anna Nordqvist's at the U. Women's Open last year, when she unknowingly grazed a few grains of sand in a bunker on her backswing during the playoff and subsequently lost to Brittany Lang. Shipnuck: Ah, yes, that took me back to some lovely starry nights on the 10th green at Pebble Beach.

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It could be anything, from singing to contemporary dance or sexy moves.

It will bring together Manifesta 11 artists and collaborators, local musicians and DJs, food projects, education activities and live performances to celebrate the biennial in Zurich. Grabby and the All Grab Superstars)***Carles Congost (The Congosound, Barcelona)***John Arnold (DJ debut, Berlin)***Steven Claydon (DJ set / visual performance, London)***Fermín Jiménez Landa (DJ set, Valencia) For this performance, Logothetis invites his mother, who is a hairdresser, to perform haircuts on visitors at Manifesta Night. In Greek, the word haircut is used instead of debt cut.

Manifesta Night is a special project of the Manifesta 11 Education Programme, generously supported by Engagement Migros. While she is cutting hair, Logothetis will be sitting next to the guests discussing the Greek economic crisis and promoting the need for a debt cut. More importantly, however, a personal and more empathetic situation for discussing this economic issue is created.

The Manifesta 11 Parallel Event by the name of h Nc agency is a live art/-ist agency that offers organisations, institutions and individuals the opportunity to commission and experience performance art outside of recognised and institutionalised channels.

For Manifesta Night, h Nc presents ALL EYES ON (working title) by Teresa Vittucci.As the audience decides the content, the outcome of each performance is spontaneous and unpredictable.

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