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GR: "It’s a little bit terrifying and intimidating to be a queer woman entering the Marvel universe. WM: "Every comic book gets picked apart by the internet. I’m worried about little kids out there who wouldn’t get the story because we would be afraid of trolls. And hey, honestly, I was an internet troll when I was 15 and I was scared of coming out. Internally I’ve been like, man are people gonna read this and tear me apart because of my identities? That’s just the way that the internet is."GR: "Am I worried about the trolls? I behaved badly online when I was a teenager for like six months because of the pain of being closeted. So she gets to punch into her Women in Power class; and she gets to punch into Tribal Ancestry and You 101.Just like rad classes that I would want to take in the university of my dreams."WM: "She can travel to alternate universes — so there’s our earth, and then she can go to alternate versions of different earths.WM: "America is from this Utopian dimension where I think it was all women. And to me, womanhood is so flexible and so ever-expanding and how beautiful is it to show all the ways that it manifests?

She was treated like a member of the team, but I always wondered what’s in it for her?

So she’s going to the same college but alternate versions of it to take all these wide variety of classes to get a big broad experience."GR: "America doesn’t know how powerful she is, but she’s gonna find out.