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Some of us really like to get up before the sun and head down to the track for an early morning run.

The sane among us would rather head to the gym after work, it lets all of the day's stresses and strains pour out of our bodies at the same time as the sweat.

I am a nurse and have plan going to study doctor for next step after...

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Then factor in the dates of these races are two months apart and we have issues.

Teaming up with someone who has very similar goals to you, with the same timescale, will be a huge benefit not only to your physical training but your positive mental attitude.

You need a person stood by your side with the same interest to give you that little bit of extra motivation.

They can give you the want to go that extra mile, lift that extra rep or just not quit.

Or would you prefer some positive reinforcement coming in the form or a compliment?

What's important to note is that peak shape is not the same for any two people.

Whilst one might be aiming for a personal-best time, the other might just be trying to finish their first ever race.

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If you know when your body responds best to exercise, you will always train at these times. It makes sense to find a training partner on a similar schedule to yours.