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The True Directions program involves the campers admitting their homosexuality (step 1), rediscovering their gender identity by performing stereotypically gender-associated tasks (step 2), finding the root of their homosexuality through family therapy (step 3), demystifying the other sex (step 4), and simulating heterosexual intercourse (step 5).

Over the course of the program, Megan becomes friends with another girl at the camp, a college student named Graham (Clea Du Vall) who, though more comfortable being gay than Megan, was forced to the camp at the risk of otherwise being disowned by her family.

She is made to leave True Directions and, now homeless, goes to stay with Larry and Lloyd.

Graham, afraid to defy her father, remains at the camp.

Megan and Dolph, who is also living with Larry and Lloyd, plan to win back Graham and Clayton.

Megan and Dolph infiltrate the True Directions graduation ceremony where Dolph easily coaxes Clayton away.

With the help of ex-gay Mike (Ru Paul), they surprise her with an intervention.

Dolph is made to leave and Clayton is punished by being forced into isolation.The Sony provides 1280x720 res video, the Canon is capable of true 1920x1080.