Issues with dating truck drivers

15-Mar-2018 07:41

Our Mission is to empower the women of trucking and those entering the industry through outreach programs, continuing education, advocacy, mentoring, networking and ongoing support to promote retention, encouragement, and unity between both new and seasoned female drivers. ~ Low Standard Entry-Level Driver Training practices are barriers for qualified women seeking to enter the trucking industry.Join us Connect with qualified drivers in our social media networks. We serve organizations that strive to improve their corporate ethics by requiring transparency. Help us create a path to success for personally responsible new entrants while recognizing the seasoned women of trucking for their contributions to this industry.I am not one to sit and wonder I thought my husband was having an affair so i went and caught him in the act. But did you wait for at least ** number of signs, or was it 1 thing that tipped you off?In my experience, it‘s usually only one thing that starts to arouse suspicion. I just don‘t understand why the original poster needs "at least 5 signs".Cmon girls, who needs "at least 5 signs" that a guys cheating?! That gets him a hammer upside the head and shown the door.Somepeople need signs somepeople dont believe what is right in front of there face.If your partner is only committing 5 of them, I guess theres a 50% chance your partner is faithful? means your partner is comfortable enough in the relationship TO TREAT YOU LIKE SHIT.If it looks like shit and smells like shit, dont eat it.

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cell phone calls to strange numbers being distant when he calls, like he really dont want to talk to you. you have to have trust and a perfect relationship to make it work.

When it was more than one check that was like that, I was alarmed because it didn‘t make sense that he would only clear 0.00 for a whole week when he‘d put all those miles on the truck, and got paid weekly. I think picking fights gave him an excuse to continue what he was doing. And if he is into the lifestyle, you won‘t be able to break him of it.

I called the home office, and his fleet manager said, "Check the cash advances." When he came home, the dead giveaway was that he did not watch me undress, and did not show any real desire for sex - a man who was a typical horndog after being gone for weeks at a time. New bedroom techniques also showed up - things he had never done before. Cheating is very common in that profession, and lack of respect for women is also common.

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(NOT) The signs of a cheating truckdriver would be the same as the signs of every other cheating spouse.

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